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Anupama June 23 written update Anuj tells Anupama that he is doing all this for her as he does not want Vanraj and Leela also to trap him and talk to him in a loud voice. He also claims that his stubbornness is banned and requests her to stay away from Shah’s house for a few days.


Anupama It is said that Kinjal is becoming a mother, so how can she leave him alone. She will definitely manage Mr Shah. Anuj asks if she can take care of Vanraj for 26 years and says that Vanraj has a mental problem as well as cannot manage it himself; He says that he is extremely disappointed with Vanraj’s behavior and doesn’t even want to see his face for at least a few days.

Anuj Kapadia in Anupama

Pakhi challenges Vanraj to trouble her and claims that it was an accident. Vanraj cried a lot. Pakhi replied that that is enough. Leela asks what happened, why are they suggesting where is Kinjal. Vanraj claims that Pakhi was most likely to party at Anupama’s house as well as Kinjal gets injured there, both Shishu and Kinjal risk being freed from the glory of the Lord. Leela says they should not have gone there. Vanraj says that she should discuss this with Pakhi and also claims that Pakhi went there disobeying her.

Pakhi says that she has gone to meet him and also says that she easily bought everyone to not go there yet she will definitely go to her mother’s house. Vanraj warns that someone will definitely go there. Pakhi runs towards her locality crying. Vanraj feels disappointed and tells Hasmukh that his children feel suffocated in his house and he is ashamed. Anuj Kapadia Anupama Anupama June 23 written update

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Anupama serial today

Anupama She tells Anuj that she can understand him, yet Kinjal needs her the most at this time. Anuj asks why Vanraj constantly blames him and also asks him to defend Vanraj. Anupama asks why will she protect Vanraj, it is not easy for her to bear Vanraj and he used her for 26 years, also not intending to see her face, hover, throw stones at her and misbehave with her . Is required .


Anuj once again requests him to stay away from the members of the Shah family for a few days as he wants him to come out of his toxic past; He is said to have great respect for Hasmukh as well as Leela, yet he cannot let Vanaraja embarrass his half; It is said that he cannot let his advantage become his weak point. Anupama says that she will allow the distinction of seniors to keep her kids away from manipulation. Anupama Serial today’s Anupama 23 June written update

Vanraj believes that he used to constantly say that there is something between them that is not allowing them to part ways, as they are largely conflicted in each other’s lives. huh; He didn’t have a problem with his kids’ convention, but now he has. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants her to stay away from him even though he is solid and also he does not want to say sorry to anyone.


like barkha states Anupama Tek represents the growth of her mama/parents, she will take a stand for Anuj as he is right. Anuj remembers Vanraj while walking to his place and calls Anupama and Anupama for himself. He thinks that Anupama’s problem is that she finds the good in everyone, yet she can distinguish who is superior and who misbehaves; He cannot see her crying and saying. Anupama June 23 written update

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Barkha told Anupama That she enjoys her maternal home, but they do not appreciate her and no one spares Vanraj or cares for him, not even Hasmukh. Sara asks Barkha to go and finish this topic for the time being. Barkha claims that she needs it often, she does not want any kind of problem between Anuj and Anupama and hence the need for conflict;

She asks Anupama if she doesn’t like me and Ankush also curses Anuj repeatedly, after that why shouldn’t Anuj feel negative when he is humiliated. Mor appreciates Barkha’s video game mind and also tells Anupama that Anuj takes great care of her. Barkha asks Anupama where Anuj is in her happiness, her kids, her maternal uncle and her likes. Anupama leaves silently remembering Anuj and Barkha’s words. Anupama June 23 written update

Ankush confronts Barkha for interfering in the husband-wife fight. Barkha says it was necessary and at the same time he definitely won’t understand. Ankush says she cannot justify or justify herself. More says that the man always creates problems whenever he goes to meet her. Sara asks him what does the man suggest, he needs to call Vanraj’s uncle.

She claims that she provided Vanaraja factors both times to answer and advises that Barkha was terrified, even though she was slightly injured and even punched a doctor. She asks Barkha if her reaction was appropriate then, and then how Vanraj’s reaction is wrong. Instead of developing more trouble, she asks why she can’t fix the first one. Ankush appreciates Sara that she is the youngest but the youngest. Anupama June 23 written update

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Barkha tells Ankush Sara that she is immature as well as being a child. Ankush asks when has she matured, and why did she create a problem with Anupama’s maternal uncle. Barkha says when she can tell her Maika’s mistake, why can’t she? Anupama Mother’s mistakes Sara says that their timing was wrong and it will surely create differences between Anuj and Anupama as well.

Barkha says it will surely get them much better instead. Sara then asks why she and Papa aren’t into much detail at the moment, maybe they don’t like each other at all. Barkha and Ankush are shocked to hear this. Anupama Goes to Anuj’s area. you are my life song Plays behind the scenes. She sits comfortably on the bed and then cries, then hugs him tightly.

Kavya suggests Pakhi to apologize to Vanraj and pacify him in anger. Pakhi asks why should this happen when Vanraj is at fault and also says that Anupama never stopped him from meeting Papa. Kavya tells what can they do if Vanraj is not resolved Anupama Pakhi says that Vanraj is jealous that Anupama Married to Anuj in abundance.

Kavya says that both of them are angry now and hence she will talk to him later. Pakhi gets Adik’s message and she smiles too. Anuj apologizes to Anupama for sharing his thoughts in front of everyone and also says that he cannot control himself when someone misbehaves with him. She says that they had assured each other of their views openly. He says that his method was wrong. She says he was faithful. They both integrate their differences and smile too.


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