Indore to becoming India’s First ‘Smart City’ with ‘Smart Addresses’

Indore to become India’s first ‘Smart City’ with ‘Smart Address’ Indore City and firm Pata Navigations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement a Fully Digital Addressing System, With this, Indore has become the first city in India to do so. Address Navigation co-founder Rajat Jain and Indore Smart City CEO Rishabh Gupta signed a MoU.

  • Pata developed the patented technology for the system with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to develop a digital addressing system.
  • Pata is one short and specific code Which aims to help users find specific geotagged locations.
  • With all, Address app users You can upload photos of your homes, places, addresses etc.

address app

  • Government agencies and emergency services including police, fire departments and ambulances will use the PATA app.
  • The Address app will help in essential services like e-KYC and banking geotagging.
  • The Pata app can be accessible to everyone in the business.
  • Government platforms including electricity, agriculture, excise, women and child welfare, and education can be integrated with address navigation, which aims to provide access to digital addressing systems.
  • The Address app is a free service and aims to help delivery providers find a specific geotag location.

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