The deed of Florida is being taken! Announced

The January Ordinary Meeting of the Galatasaray Board of Directors was held at Nef Stadium. Making the opening speech of the meeting, Galatasaray Sports Club President Dursun Özbek stated that they are carrying out important works for the infrastructure and said:

“We cannot make money from our core activities. The main activity is football; Me and my board friends focused on this issue. In particular, we have great works related to infrastructure. Next week, the new scout team will be explained in detail by Erden Timur in a very satisfying way. We will keep you informed next week. You must have facilities. Go and see how our facilities in Florya are. Re-establishment is one of our most important activities. We developed our real estate projects. 70 percent of GS Leo Residence was sold on launch day. We will sell 30 percent of it in the coming days. Our tables will be very different in the coming period. We continue to work to do our best. We are working to leave a better Galatasaray for our grandchildren. We have the power to carry it to sustainable sporting successes.”


Chairman Özbek, who also shared the latest information about the projects, said, “The Mecidiyeköy project; The most important project that will provide the necessary financial support. The Florya project that will make our financial statement and everyone happy. This project is running like lions. Only the work continues within the framework of the procedure. We will get the title deed of Florya in 1-2 weeks. We will make the sports activities of Galatasaray sustainable. I want you to continue the support you have given so far. We continue our projects one after another. Our Kemerburgaz Facility project; There is academy within the framework of the main money making activities. Our current facilities are not sufficient. Kemerburgaz will serve the infrastructure and serve the A team. Our activities there will gain momentum with a groundbreaking ceremony in the coming days. The Kemerburgaz project is a must for us,” he said.



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