“We should avoid price wars”

Announcing that they have managed to rank among the top 5 best-selling smartphone brands, Vivo’s Founder, Chairman and CEO (CEO) Shen Wei said that they will follow long-term plans, underlining that despite all their success and growth, vivo has many goals to reach, stated that they will create a successful sustainable business model for the brand by nurturing the innovative spirit, maintaining efficiency and reducing costs.


Drawing attention to the brand’s main goal of being a stable, long-term organization, Wei emphasized that they will avoid price wars and share the value they create with innovation with their business partners, thus making the brand a longer-lasting and healthy structure.

When they look at the 28-year history of the brand, Wei pointed out that the periods when they faced difficulties and crises were the most productive processes in which they turned these crises into opportunities.


Shen Wei stated that the smartphone industry is expecting challenging times in the next 10 years, “However, we are aware that the difficulties we foresee as Vivo also create an area of ​​unlimited opportunity. By taking users to our center, doing what we need to do in the right way and with the right methods in line with the BenFen philosophy, mutual win-win. “We will continue to take firm steps towards becoming a large, long-term company by facing all difficulties with our goal-oriented approach. We strongly believe that Vivo’s golden age is not in the past, but in the future and in every step we take in this journey ahead.”



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